Vladimír Javorský: Ještě je

The original songs are produced and arranged by Marian Friedl, sung and played on guitar by Vladimír Javorský, flutes, clarinet and dulcimer by Marian Friedl, accompanied by the piano jazz trio Štěpán Flagar, Martin Kocián, Michal Wierzgoń.

Marian Friedl a Baroši

The Baroši ensemble performs songs from the album 11 Forms of Love and selections from the album Aries and Wolves (Anděl Music Award 2017). The ensemble consists of the jazz core of the successful ensemble Beránci a vlci, supplemented by folk singer and violinist from Slovácko Petra Jelénková. Stylistically, the band's expression stands between folk, folklore, jazz and world music.

The Survivors

The Czech band The Survivors consists of Jiri Slavik (piano, keyboards, saxophone, guitar, vocals), Jiri Levicek (keyboards, clarinet, vocals) and Jakub Tengler (drums, vocals). The band was originally formed in Prague in 2017 as Open Office. Their music is inspired by a variety of genres - from Brazilian and African traditional music to jazz, folk and pop. The band aims to pass on their almost childlike joy of making music together in the hope that their surviving audience will eventually take them most seriously. Their first album, Children and Parents, was released in August 2021 on Bivak records.

Ensemble Flair

Ensemble FLAIR saw the light of the musical world in the autumn of 2014. FLAIR under the artistic direction of Jan Rokyta breaks down the boundaries of musical genres and countries! FLAIR's work combines creative synergy, a distinctive author's handwriting, individuality that will not be lost even in the competition of world music.

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Since 2004, the band RukyNaDudy from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm has been playing an archaic form of traditional music of the so-called Hukvaldy Beskydy. Its musical instrumentarium includes musical instruments that are little used or completely forgotten here today, such as the end-blower, fujarka, shepherd's pipe, salašovka, ochlebky, gajdy, small dulcimer. The individual instrumental configurations used by the band RukyNaDudy in their production have their models in real forms known from the past or from other Carpathian regions, and the styles of playing are between the poles of archaic reconstruction and world music.


When Georg Philipp Telemann composed his 12 Fantasies for flute in the late 1820s, he could hardly have imagined that this extraordinary work would still be performed three hundred years later! Even less could he have foreseen that it would be taken up in the future by the baroque flute player Marta Kratochvílová and the jazz double bass player Marian Friedl. The cycle was originally conceived as a set of unaccompanied virtuoso pieces. In our performance, however, Marian Friedl added a new voice to Telemann's part..


Lokyo is a music producer, composer and singer from Havířov. Together with his band his goal is to entertain and dance. You can expect influences from The Chainsmokers, Blackbear, Coldplay or Mirai, who they have already played in support of several times.


Today, the Folklore Ensemble Jagár from Havířov was founded in 2007, at that time as an independent dulcimer music. Most of the members have been involved in folklore since their youth in the children's folklore group Vonička from Havířov. In spite of the solid regional basis in Lachian and Těšín Silesia, the music decided to play mainly songs that it enjoys and finds fulfilling. For this reason, a wide area is represented in its repertoire, covering most regions in Moravia, Slovakia, but also Hungary or Romania.

Tradition and innovation

You will find here both bagpipe players, electric guitars and computers. We don't care what instrument musicians use to express themselves, but what they can convey to the listener through it.


The Havířov-based musical formation Střepy has been playing together for the fifth year, with four singles to date - Captain Galaxie, Night Watchman, I'm Disappearing and Ultimátní. These songs are also part of the EP One Way City, which was released in mid-January last year. The guys are currently working on new songs and music videos for their upcoming album. The band has played a number of gigs at smaller and bigger festivals and clubs around the country. The band prides itself on main melodic riffs and full autobiographical lyrics. Among other things, they are also involved in charity work, especially their own fundraising project Muzikanti s dětmi.

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